‘LIBRALEX Ε.Ε.Ι.G.’ (LIBRALEX European Economic Interest Group) is an internationally oriented European association of independent law firms. Its member firms and law practices are primarily based in Europe with a presence in more than thirty cities, in the US, China, Brazil and Uruguay.

‘Felios & Associates’ Law Firm is one of the founding members of ‘LIBRALEX E.E.I.G.’ which was established in order to fully cater to the needs of clients with cross-border activities and represent them before the Courts of Law in legal cases of national, European and international economic and financial concern.

LIBRALEX E.E.I.G. members and member firms have formed strong personal ties over the years, work closely together and share the same set of values. Our association encourages:

– systematic data and information exchange amongst  members in regard to their respective national legislations,

– concerted attendance in major legal and business conferences, both on national and international level, so as to update the network’s partner firms on issues of common interest,

– regular meetings at the offices of ‘LIBRALEX E.E.I.G.’ to both discuss recent changes to the legal framework of the different countries member firms are from and to plan for a joint strategy in cases they handle.


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