Banking Law & the Stock Exchange

All aspects of Banking Law (interbank– business loans, settlement of arrears) are a major part of the Firm’s workload.

Moreover, prominent banking institutions have contracted our Firm as formal Financial Advisor and entrusted us to perform legal due diligence investigations, (which we may lawfully carry out in our professional capacity as independent controllers) on many companies prior to their being listed in the Stock Exchange and for which the aforementioned banks acted as issuing house.

Within the context of our cooperation with banking institutions, the Firm provides legal services in the field of funding and financing (including the funding of major construction projects), but also in the fields of investing, restructuring or participating in projects which are either being financed or subsidized by European funds. As a result of our continuous work in this area, in our capacity as representatives of many companies that are either listed or operate in the stock market, our law Firm is constantly dealing with all aspects of finance law, including new company listings, share transfers, compliance with finance law and Hellenic Capital Market Committee regulatory provisions etc.