Public and Administrative Law

Respective legal services include an overview of fiscal provisions, advice to state agencies and bodies in the wider public sector, assistance to contracting authorities and/or interested parties and participants in international calls for tenders and the drafting of relevant contracts in line with provisions in the Greek and EU legislation for public procurement agreements (contracts for work or employment, procurement, provision of services, joint concession awards), along with legal advice, to wider public sector agencies who wish to sell or to undertakings who wish to purchase their shares, regarding all steps in the process (drafting and editing of tender documentation, gathering and checking supporting documents, preparing dossiers for the interested parties, contacting relevant services and agencies etc.).

In the context of tendering procedures for the award of public contracts (work or employment, procurement, services, joint concession award) performed by agencies of the public and the wider public sector by virtue of provisions in the national and EU law, we provide legal services to Contracting Authorities, participants to tenders and bidders, consultants and, in general, the partners thereof, systematically and throughout all phases of the relevant tenders and preparatory stages thereof.

It is within the same context that our Firm represents, both in Greece and abroad our client, who is signatory of procurement or service contracts with the Greek State, or those who undertake construction of public projects. Moreover, should there be tendering procedures, scope for provision of legal services may broaden to include legal representation and advice to our clients (be they contracting authorities or bidders, advisors or a partner thereof) whenever legal remedies and means are being used (appeals, actions, proceedings for interim measures, lawsuits etc.), to either settle disputes that arose at a stage prior to drawing the public contract or disputes that arose in the execution and/or interpretation thereof.

In addition, our Firm acts as proxy and provides services to clients for proceedings before all public and administrative authorities (including Independent Administrative Authorities such as the Hellenic Competition Commission and the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission) as well as before the administrative courts of all instances, including the Council of State.