Real Estate

The area of Real Estate is a daily practice of “Felios & Associates” law firm. Specifically in this field, our firm works closely in partnership, on a permanent basis, with a specialised group of technical experts consisting of city planners, surveyors, foresters and other engineering specialists.


Our legal services cover the following sub-sectors:


1.The Legal & Technical Due Diligence for the commission of all kinds of transactions pertaining to immovable property, whether private or what is known as “Private Property of the State” which falls within the competence of the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HRADF), or the Public Properties Company S.A.


2. HRADF’s Privatisation Program on behalf of potential Investors.


3. The “Strategic Investments” Program as is implemented by Enterprise Greece (“fast track”) and the General Secretariat for Strategic Investments of the Ministry of Economy.


4. In implementing Investment Projects in the field of tourism and especially in manufacturing new types of tourist accommodation and tourist infrastructure, such as “tourist hotel complexes” or “Golf Resorts”, “Wellness Centers (Wellness Centers / SPA)”, etc.


5. In preparing appeals on matters of spatial-urban regulations that affect the institutional status of private property.


6. In preparing appeals within the promotion process of the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency.

  • Specifically concerning this sub-sector, our firm has recently been active in preparing complaints submitted to the National Cadastre, concerning the labelling of private property or parts of private property as forests.


  • This specific recent activity of the firm specifically pertains to the preparation of forest maps for the Saronic coastal front of south Attica.


  • The legal issues of these complaints concern:


  • (i) the legal framework concerning the definitions of what constitutes a “forest” and “woodland”, in relation to the territorial form of the affected private property on a case by case basis.
  • (ii) the case law associated with the criteria for the classification of an area as a forest.
  • (iii) the case law of the Council of the State concerning the relinquishment of the forest nature of an area after a certain amount of time.